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June 15, 2016

4 Tips for a Successful Technology Implementation

I am currently shopping for a new house. There are so many options! How do I know if I’m picking the best option and getting a fair price? Maybe you’ve had a similar experience when considering new technology for your office. Are you looking for a  traditional or cutting edge solution? Do you want classic conference rooms with built-in video and audio or collaboration spaces with mobile AV solutions? How about desktop PCs - or would you rather offer laptops and mobile devices that come with different security needs? Maybe you are contemplating between desk phones with network cables or softphones that would require stronger wireless networks to support the call volume. It may feel like you need a translator just to understand this stuff. Getting it right the first time will save time, money, and frustration for everyone involved.

Here are 4 tips for a successful technology implementation:

  1. Start the conversation early! I believe that technology will be the most important and costly piece of the workplace in the future. It is also leveraged best when integrated into building systems. Just like construction, this doesn’t happen overnight. Your technology needs will affect your network requirements, and many systems are easiest to integrate early in the construction phase. Technology solutions will affect size of the Main Distribution Frame, require larger network bandwidth, and increased power requirements in the MDF. The sooner you include these decisions in your plans, the easier it will be to achieve.
  1. Leverage technology well. What are you hoping to accomplish? Plan your technology design to help your business in the following ways: streamline processes, meet objectives, exceed goals, and attract top talent. Do employees work mostly from an office or from home? Is work done privately or with collaboration? Identify what stakeholders believe the top priorities are. Security? Flexibility? Collaboration? Understanding what success looks like for your company will provide insight as to how technology should be integrated. Don’t be afraid to challenge the routines to find solutions that work best for your goals.
  1. Consider your workspace. Would your team benefit from shifting office space to an open landscape with less private offices and more cubicles? Maybe you are considering lowering desk partitions or using a room reservation system? Huddle rooms and collaboration spaces are great tools to boost productivity and satisfaction which affect the bottom line. These unique work spaces require different technology solutions: collaborative displays, mobile devices, wireless broadcasting, hoteling and room reservation software, and sound masking, just to name a few. Take all of this into consideration when planning for technology
  1. Plan your implementation. Once you’ve chosen the right technology solutions it’s time to roll them out! Focus on managing your budget, resources, and schedule for a smooth implementation. Don’t forget to test each system and then provide training to the team in your workspace. Once your new systems are up and running, sit back and enjoy the benefits!

Follow these 4 tips and you will be on your way to implementing new technology and becoming a more collaborative, cutting-edge workplace. Welcome to the future!



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