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June 1, 2016

The Evolution of Technology Within the Workplace (Part II of II)

In my previous post, I said that the “Future is Now”. Actually, I was wrong, it was really yesterday. However, there really is no such thing as yesterday. Because yesterday, was today, tomorrow.

Realistically how do you plan for the future, if today is the future? It’s important to understand history when planning for the future, however, those lessons can’t be the only thing that is reviewed. As this pertains to your Workplace Strategy, you must understand your ability to withstand change. What is your threshold and willingness to make change - the one constant that you can predict? Can you truly make the Workplace Strategy replaceable by leveraging technology?

So what can’t be easily replaced as part of Workplace Strategy? The Workforce: your workforce, who change from generation to generation, requiring new technology innovations with workstyle changes. What was deployed just a few years ago may no longer be appropriate for today and will definitely not be what is needed for tomorrow.

Organizations must create a work experience for their employees that promotes success. While this new work experience may take several forms, it can be created and implemented through a Workplace Strategy project in conjunction with moves/relocations or even expansion projects. We see this often with our clients as they prepare for this unique shift from baby boomer to millennial and beyond within the workplace.

How can an organization create something today that will protect investments against obsolescence before that technology is even implemented? We noticed within our clients that many over-invest in technologies in some areas and under-invest in others. For example, many organizations over-invest in Audio Visual equipment, but do not spend the time to investigate how much to spend in Wireless, resulting in an under-investment.

Here are a few things to think about during the creation of a Workplace Strategy:


Remember to not get lost in vendor or brand names for any of the technology going into a Workplace Strategy. The solution’s functionality and ease-of-use is more important. Employees will not have an opinion of one brand of conference room reservation system versus the other; as long as it works, employees will remain happy, healthy, and wanting to stay employed with the company through the good times and the bad.

Technology has come a long way over the past (almost) six decades. Just imagine what is yet to come. If you haven’t started planning for the future, start today. If you already have a plan, start implementing. And if you’re already done, congratulations… you’re in the future! Or are you?

Dan Heckman



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