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February 22, 2018

How to Financially Justify Audio Visual Upgrades

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering whether your audio visual (AV) equipment could use an upgrade, chances are, it probably can. With arguably the biggest impact to an end-user’s interaction with the workplace, AV equipment is central to your team’s ability to work both independently and collaboratively. But, just because AV is a main component of your technological infrastructure, does not mean it has to consume the largest part of your budget. Ensuring your AV equipment is up to spec and meets the individual needs of your workplace can be done economically, and will pay off tenfold in productivity.

An Ongoing Investment

Just like your office lease, utility costs and operating expenses, your investment in AV and other workplace technologies should be continuous. While AV is typically very stable, you still want to keep it fresh and updated with the latest collaboration tools. We generally recommend a yearly audio visual assessment to explore what can be improved upon and ensure a consistently optimal work environment.

It’s All About the End User

In the modern workplace, there is an expectation of up-to-date technology. With millennials in particular, for whom technology, collaboration and flexibility are often leading components in the decision to accept and maintain employment, technology can be a main driver of office culture. When prospective employees walk into your workplace, they should be stepping into an environment that screams innovation—both aesthetically and functionally. From the interfaceless conference room to huddle spaces designed around collaboration, your commitment to providing an innovative, technology-enabled workspace is indicative of your commitment to the success of your team.

Collaboration is Key

It is becoming increasingly common for an organization’s staff to be stationed in different locations around the world. While there are certain occasions that necessitate getting on a plane and attending a meeting in person, an impromptu internal catch-up is not one of them. AV technology enables your global employees to exchange ideas through video collaboration, document sharing and other audio visual channels, saving significantly on the time, travel and logistics associated with getting everyone physically into the same room.

Choosing the Right Technology for Your Workplace

With the sheer volume of technologies being marketed today, identifying and selecting the right solution for your workspace can be a daunting process. At SiteREADY, we have intricate knowledge of the AV landscape, giving us the ability to create a customized solution that takes into account your entire technology infrastructure. We work to understand your internal operations, as well as the needs of your client base, and design solutions that facilitate universal connectivity and optimal productivity.

What Are You Envisioning for Your Space?

Whether you are bridging the gap between your global and domestic employees or providing seamless access for those bringing their own devices, SiteREADY can consult with you and your team to discover what exactly it is you are trying to achieve through your office design. Then, we will help you determine how we can integrate the right AV technology to meet your goals. To learn more about our services and solutions, or to schedule a consultation, contact us.

Contributor: Jennifer Tetreault, VP of Solutions Delivery at SiteREADY


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