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May 24, 2019

Five Years and Counting: Project Coordinator Erik Svedin

At SiteREADY, bridging the gap between Corporate Real Estate and IT starts with retaining top workplace technology professionals to execute our Consulting, Design and Project Management services.

Among our longer-tenured team members is Project Coordinator Erik Svedin, who celebrated his five-year work anniversary at SiteREADY in May 2019. One of our largest clients regularly trusts Erik with challenges that pose a significant financial impact to the company. Here’s what the client has to say about him:

“When Erik is tasked with an activity or project to complete, he reviews the ask and makes sure he covers all aspects, including those that we haven’t asked him to do. He strives to make sure we do things right and make the best decisions with the information at hand.”

Erik has also led the automation of tasks to produce SiteREADY deliverables within the client environment, saving hours of manual effort.

We caught up with Erik to ask him a few quick questions about his time so far with SiteREADY…

What is your favorite thing about working at SiteREADY?

I enjoy the trust that leadership places in the team to get the job done. They are always allowing us to break out of our comfort zones and take on something new. It’s a great feeling when you know you’re supported in your work.

What are the changes you’ve seen in the last five years being at SiteREADY?

Company growth, and all for the better. I started with SiteREADY when the main location was upstairs in the same building; a single conference room, a few small offices, and cubicles. We then moved to the current office, which was remodeled and continues to evolve with more offices, work areas and meeting rooms. The employee growth has been equally impressive over that time span as well. It has been a fantastic five years.

Your favorite memory to date working for SiteREADY?

My favorite memories all come from the holiday festivities. The mid-day activity, whether that be golf—which I happened to be a lucky winner of one year—or bowling is always a great time, and the party later in the evening is an amazing event (big applause for the people who work so hard to put these together).

Congratulations, Erik! Thank you for all that you do. We’re proud to have you on our team.


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