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December 20, 2016

A Glimpse into Network Connectivity Implementations

SiteREADY's Engagement Connections team is comprised of two separate groups - one who focuses on Engagement Teams that physically sit within their client's space, and one who provides integration within a meeting space to train and entertain clients and employees. Both transform technology integration within the workplace of the future, empowering our clients to focus on their core business and operate more efficiently.

Client Connections Solutions & Factors

We provide a wide range of technology solutions that are tailored to meet each individual Engagement Team's need, while also meeting any technology or security requirements of the Engagement Team's client. Our services include:

The factors that are critical in the design and implementation of our services are:

After gathering these details, we work with the Engagement Team to determine the best solution to meet their need; providing cost estimates, project deadlines, and an overview of the resources required to complete the project.

The Engagement Team that we work with primarily resides in the United States. However, we do have customers who have internationally-based clients. Our team is quite agile and able to work under extreme time constraints. We pride ourselves on being able to provide the right solution at the right time for our customer base, while being sensitive to the ever-changing requirements related to data transmissions and data storage. Needless to say, there is a lot that goes into ensuring that your staff, who reside within a client's space, are secure and protected. Have you given thought to this?

Connect with us to learn more about SiteREADY's teams.

Written By: Philip Moon, Project Coordinator


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