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January 4, 2018

How Data Drives Change in the Workplace

By Cassandra Spurgeon, Project Coordinator, PMP at SiteREADY

With transparency of data at the crux of informed decision-making, business leaders are increasingly relying on analytical insight around technology, staffing, processes and procedures to assess the allocation of their assets and identify opportunities for improvements. While reporting can be a powerful tool, the aggregation of data alone holds little weight without the context to fully understand how it impacts the business as a whole. Many companies are engaging consulting partners to discover and analyze these implications, and to develop viable solutions that deliver true business value.

Technology Can Make or Break Infrastructure

As the backbone of the modern workplace, technology has the potential to optimize communication and collaboration across business units. However, it can equally inhibit these efforts and create widespread inefficiencies if managed ineffectively. When technology becomes a barrier to success for employees, such as having to work around an outdated or poorly functioning piece of equipment, it is essential to address the issues before they become a costly drain on resources. Similarly, organizations invariably find themselves using several software applications that serve the same core functions, an unnecessary financial burden often revealed through a standard site evaluation.

Getting the Most Out of Your Resources

A company’s most valuable resource is undoubtedly its staff, though it can also be its most difficult asset to measure. A computer may be able to generate a report based on a very literal input of your human capital, but it fails to recognize how capacity is being distributed among staff. Oftentimes, organizations will place increasing levels of responsibility on one individual, rather than bringing in a new resource or delegating responsibilities to another employee who may not be operating at full capacity. The perceived cost savings gained from the “multiple hats” methodology can have the converse effect, actually resulting in substantially lower productivity than if the work were to be more evenly distributed among employees with relevant skillsets.

Making Process Improvement a Continuous Focus

Process improvement is often an organic result of a larger effort to increase efficiency companywide. Identifying an outdated technology, for instance, can inspire a collaborative effort that sets in motion an entirely new method of executing on a given task, perhaps leading to the discovery of new revenue streams. Examining processes can also reveal gaps in workflow, and presents the opportunity to close those gaps with innovative, value-driving solutions.

Enabling Smart Decision-Making

Today more than ever, business leaders face the inherent challenge of information overload, as databases, CRMs and financial reporting tools have made immediate access to information the norm. At SiteREADY, our consultants work with clients to turn data into an ongoing tool for developing smarter workplace strategies. We can serve as an extension of your team providing you with the data you need to make knowledgeable, profitable decisions for your business. Learn more about our cost-saving technology and vendor management services.


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