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August 3, 2017

Creating an ‘Interfaceless’ Conference Room

By Tyler Davis, Systems Designer at SiteREADY

You’ve spent the last several days perfecting your meeting presentation, only to walk into an ill-equipped conference room that makes it difficult—if not completely impossible—to present your material as you had envisioned. Best case, it’s a mildly awkward five minutes troubleshooting some combination of remotes, monitors and cables. Worst case, it’s the longest hour of your life as you mentally flip through your presentation slide by slide, regretting the decision to place your fate completely in the hands of technology. Could this type of situation be avoided? Absolutely.

Your Material on Your Terms

Manufacturers across the globe are embracing the concept of the ‘interfaceless’ conference room, a system that enables users to present meeting material in virtually one step, without the frustrations associated with complex control systems. Commonly referred to as “bring your own device,” interfaceless conference rooms give control to the presenter, empowering users with the ability to wirelessly connect to a conference room display and immediately begin presenting from their device using their preferred software.

Eliminating Frustration

Relying on cables such as VGAs to connect is not just inefficient, but can also be limiting, as modern devices are often not equipped with the right connector. Wireless adapters can help, but the cost of having to constantly replace them every time one is removed from the conference room can be significant. Factor that in with time lost troubleshooting, and your conference room could be an extraneous ongoing expense.

Virtual Collaboration

There are several technologies on the market today that facilitate the ‘interfaceless’ concept through virtual collaboration. Targeted to large enterprises, Cisco Spark functions as a collaboration tool that syncs with the Cisco Cloud and serves as an all-in-one solution for chat, video conferencing, and presenting content.

The remote conferencing services provider, Zoom, has also been marketing its Zoom Room, a software-enabled conference room that integrates with PCs, Macs and iPads over the cloud to facilitate online meetings and videoconferences, all while allowing content to be shared wirelessly within the meeting space. Other virtual collaboration tools include BlueJeans, Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business.

Wireless Screen Share

Wireless screen share solutions such as Crestron AirMedia, Mersive Solstice, Extron ShareLink, Airtame and Kramer VIA Connect support the ‘bring your own device’ concept, enabling users to wirelessly present their meeting content housed in Microsoft Office, Adobe and more—from pretty much any device.

SiteREADY Workplace Technology Integration

Because every business is run differently, there is no one-size-fits-all-solution for interfaceless conference room connectivity. Every company and workplace has its own unique variables that drive technology decisions. SiteREADY’s vendor agnostic consultants work with clients to understand how exactly they are using their conference rooms and determine how technology can be deployed more effectively.

As your single point of contact for workplace technology integration, it’s our job to be up to speed on all the different technologies that are out there and understand which solutions apply to each unique situation and environment. To learn more about conference room design, or to schedule a site evaluation, contact us.


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