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November 2, 2015

Massive Technological Shifts in Healthcare Expected by 2025

Technology is advancing at an extremely rapid rate, and healthcare providers could not be more excited for what the future holds. A recent study by Gartner, and information technology and advisory firm, established some amazing trends that hospitals will see in use by 2025.

Records Easily Assessable

Although security and privacy issues are concerns amongst healthcare professionals, soon regulations will be sorted out and we will have flexible healthcare options. New technological capabilities are creating a way for doctors to access patients’ entire medical histories virtually, including any doctor’s previous care plans.

Virtual Diagnosis

With the advancement of shareable health records, a doctor’s new “on call” method will be easily adopted. Although the concept of virtual doctors has been passed around for many years, technology is making it even more feasible in the coming years. New technological advances, including email, mobile applications, video teleconferencing and the ability to write prescriptions are now catching light.Utilizing a virtual doctor would save employers a significant amount of money on the healthcare plans offered to employees. According to Towers Watson, employers would save $6 billion dollars annually if even only a small amount of employees participated in telemedicine.

Integrated Medical Technology Innovation

Wearable devices are becoming most adapted into the world, and helping consumers track their own health statistics. Gartner stated that healthcare will be one of the top two markets that will drive the wearable technology sales. Health Devices including fitness bands, insulin pumps and pacemakers are incorporating tiny networked sensors to personally track levels with smart devices on-the-go.

Advancement in BioPrinting

One of the most exciting technological advancement in healthcare is 3-D bioprinting. This market is expected to exceed $4 billion by 2018 and the possibilities are endless. From prosthetic body part creation to more complex printing of organs could eventually turn donation waitlists obsolete. Although this advanced of technology may take decade to perfect, it is still astonishing how far technology is propelling us into the future.

Quantified Health Metrics

Major technology software and hardware companies are currently innovating what hopes to be the next big medical data device. Medical devices will soon be wireless, handheld, and smaller than normal, which poses a unique opportunity for developers to become the primary creator of this technology.

Many companies are starting to integrate technologies of this nature, such as Apple’s Healthkit, Google’s Fit platform, and PateintsLikeME. Diabetes management company Glooko, uses apps and Bluetooth technology to import blood sugar readings from a range of glucose metes, allowing doctors on-the-go to constantly monitor patients.With all of these technological advancements, there is no doubt that healthcare will continue to improve patient care.


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