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November 19, 2015

Next Generation Work Styles Driven by Three Key Technology Trends

As many workplaces become modernized and continue to evolve into the future, technology is essential to support these new mobile modern work styles. Given the influx of remote workers in the nation, and companies expanding all over the world, technology and communication has needed to rapidly develop to keep everyone connected. Here are three key factors in technology that have helped push our workforce forward.

1. At Your Service

The main advantage to having “at your service” technologies is the ability to fill gaps of expertise in a company’s current facility. These services refer to a plethora of services that are delivered via the Internet rather than provided by local or on-site personnel. These services are provided through applications, software programs, and platforms and can be purchased and activated within seconds! This helps companies continue to focus on their core business while satisfying employees’ technology needs. Best of all, these applications will continually update themselves when there are updates or new versions, which alleviate the pain from IT teams to worry about ongoing maintenance.

2. Applications for the Remote Worker

Similar to “at your service” applications, mobile apps are ever-evolving. The mobile workforce has influenced application developers to push the envelope and create apps to make lives easier. Push notifications have evolved to function as more than just meeting reminders; they can also serve as jumping off points for meetings, files, discussion points and other common activities throughout the workday. With the integration of wearable technology, the possibilities are becoming more and more endless.

3. Unified Communications

Collaboration has become a big game changer in the modernized workplace. With remote workers constantly checking in from all over the globe, it’s become more and more important to have seamless communication and teamwork. From shared cloud accounts, such as SharePoint and Google Docs, users can simultaneously work on projects while being in different locations. Unified communications have empowered workers to collaborate in the most efficient ways. Video conferencing allows teams to communicate face to face for meetings, without leaving the comfort of their own home.

Technology will continue to adapt to the ever-changing needs of workers to ensure quality is always met. Regardless of the type of work an organization does, there are software, hardware, applications and services designed to help companies succeed!


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