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December 20, 2016

Office Meeting WiFi: The Need for Speed

Benchmark Hospitality International (BHI) conducted a poll of the top 10 trends in corporate meeting planning. While the poll was taken in 2014, one trend stands out as a perennial need for everyone involved.

Number 3 on the list is "The need for speed," and they aren't talking about faster limo service from the airport to the venue. They are talking about WiFi.

What helps separate the premier off-site meeting locations from the rest is access to reliable, high-speed, wireless Internet access. According to BHI, it's the most important issue for planning professionals and conference attendees today. Business travelers want to stay connected now more than ever, and many attend conferences with multiple wireless devices. Up to 3 devices per attendee has become the norm!

Don't Let Poor WiFi Slow Your Meeting Down

Finding a meeting space that provides sufficient bandwidth and fast wireless capabilities can be somewhat difficult for those who do not work in Information Technology (IT).

The Engagement Connections (EC) team at SiteREADY strives to simplify this process. We have begun to see an upward trend in hotels and conference centers spending more time and money improving their IT infrastructure. The more people who find these properties, the more these properties will invest.

We see a mutual benefit here for both parties. We live in an age where we want not only fast Internet, but also the ability to project and forecast the evolution of Internet services. Our EC team is streamlining both the meeting planning process and meetings themselves. Learn more about SiteREADY's Engagement Connections services here.

Written By: Mark Fricchione, Project Coordinator


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