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May 31, 2017

Office Upgrades: Where the Main Players in Corporate Real Estate are Investing

By Ryan Clarke, Managing Principal at SiteREADY

Over the last few years, Corporate Real Estate has made major strides in adopting new technologies. Executives are realizing that technology upgrades are driving workforce productivity, engagement and retention. Here are a few of the latest workplace technology trends we’re seeing in 2017:

Turning Dedicated Desks into Hoteling Stations

Companies are no longer resigning themselves to the notion that they need large headquarters where everyone has a dedicated desk. Hoteling offers employees greater flexibility while allowing employers to maximize space and put the cost savings toward better technology. Learn more in our crash course on hoteling.

Moving From Open Concept To Hybrid Workspaces

Once beloved by startups and corporate giants alike, open office layouts have recently seen a bit of a backlash as numerous studies suggest they are not optimal for productivity or employee morale. Even though many companies still swear by “collaborative” spaces, it’s been proven that employees are 15% less productive as a result. The main issue is that open space lacks the privacy many employees prefer while making phone calls or focusing on tasks.

Hybrid office spaces are becoming the new norm. Through smart design and technology solutions, these spaces offer the best of both worlds. Some areas are shared and open, while others are more private, such as dedicated meeting areas. The key is to allow room for technological multiconfiguration and make sensible audio/visual equipment accessible for everyone.

Pervasive technology, such as consistent and fast WiFi, adds to a space’s functionality. With the right implementation, hybrid office spaces can provide the consistency and fluidity that everyone is seeking. Instead of companies wasting space in a larger office area, we’re seeing a shift toward segmenting open spaces and maximizing the technology within them.

Simplifying Everyday Tasks

Technology should adapt to a company’s goals, not the other way around. With new gadgets and solutions launching daily, there are more opportunities than ever to bring people together without having to get everyone physically in the same room.Employees should now be able to switch offices as fluidly as they move between their office and home. This seemingly simple, yet difficult to achieve concept can be a tremendous upgrade for any business.

A Technology-First Focus

No one has completely mastered the art of collaboration. It’s an ongoing process. The return on investing in new solutions lies in implementation. Corporate Real Estate executives are now realizing the value of bringing on technology-focused project partner during the earliest phases of a workplace buildout.Are you looking into the best ways to upgrade your office technology? Connect with us to discuss how we can find and implement custom workplace technology solutions that work for your business.


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