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March 28, 2018

SiteREADY Recognizes Quarterly, Annual Award Winners to Close 2017

Each quarter, SiteREADY presents one of its employees with the AboveREADY Award for their high level of commitment and expertise. The four AboveREADY Award recipients are then eligible for our annual BeyondREADY award, the highest honor in our organization.

We are proud to announce our Q4 2017 AboveREADY and 2017 BeyondREADY recipients:

Q4 2017 AboveREADY Award

Brenda McClure, HR Coordinator

Brenda truly cares about the employees at SiteREADY and takes the extra time to make sure everyone has the internal information and resources they need at all times. She has also been essential in improving our new employee onboarding process. Brenda brings a contagiously positive energy and makes our office a brighter place to be every day.

2017 BeyondREADY Award

Ashley Beale, PMP, Project Manager

Ashley’s growth in 2017 is almost immeasurable. She went from assisting other PMs to running her own projects, several of which positively impacted one of our largest clients and significantly reduced their data center operating costs. Ashley became a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and began leading a multimillion-dollar project all in the same year.

Congratulations to Brenda, Ashley and the entire SiteREADY team on a fantastic 2017. Here’s to carrying our tradition of excellence and recognition into 2018!


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