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October 29, 2015

SiteREADY Welcomes Brenda McClure to the Team

SiteREADY is excited to announce our newest addition to the SiteREADY team, Brenda McClure! Brenda joins SiteREADY as HR Coordinator; handling all Human Resource onboarding, resource tracking, our safety and policy management, and will serve as active Accounting Assistant.

Before joining SiteREADY, Brenda worked for INS for eight years as the Accounting Assistant and HR Representative. Prior to that, Brenda traveled with her husband who was in the Air Force, where she gained international work experience as Office Manager of a community center and internet café in Spangdahlem, Germany, as well as the Vault Manager for the Eifel Biturg 2012 Annex Club.

“Brenda brings valuable years of experience to our fast growing team. Considering SiteREADY’s partnership with livingHR, Brenda will help facilitate the relationship between employees and human resource needs from onboarding to maintenance,” said Amy Van Ness, Head of Business Operations.

Brenda continues to enjoy traveling in her free time; her favorite travel destination so far is San Torini, Greece! Brenda also loves going to the beach and spending time with her granddaughter, and has a second granddaughter on the way!


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