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November 12, 2015

Technology Innovation in Hospitality

In the most recent years, the hotel industry has felt the stress to upgrade their rooms and overall experience to accommodate their guest’s technology needs and wants; whether it is for work or personal vacation, expectations of a traveler have significantly increased. Given that the economy has almost recovered, more people are traveling again, giving hotel organizations the chance to gain a glimpse into what exactly guests are looking for during their stays.

Gone are the days of guests just looking for a bed to sleep in, consumers are looking to enjoy the “at home experience” that they are accustomed to with their multiple devices. Booking a hotel used to involve a travel agent or phone representative; now consumers want to be able to research pricing, locations and book hotel stays online using a mobile device or tablet. Convenience has become essential to the modern day traveler.

It has made hospitality corporations research ways to personalize guest experiences through the use of technology. Most guests travel with smart phones, tablets, and laptops and want to be able to utilize these devices without having to pay a fee. Offering complimentary Wi-Fi to guests is one example of hotels realizing the need to be connected at all times. If a guest needs to print a boarding pass kiosks are now installed in many hotels with touch screens feature complimentary printing.

Modern day technology has made its way to guests’ rooms as well with the addition of in-room touch screen control panels. This panel/tablet can control anything from dimming lights to opening curtains, all with a simple touch. The device also allows guests to order room service and browse nearby activities.More personalized experiences are on the rise and will continue to increase the “at home experience” and convenience for not only the guests, but increase efficiency in the hotel overall.


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