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September 25, 2015

Technology Trends That C-Level Executives Should Keep In Mind

Technology, as it continues to evolve, is becoming more and more valuable to employers and corporations. A recent study conducted by The Enterprise Project and Mobiquity outlined trends that technology decision makers should pay attention to and how these trends can affect their core business. One major point of this study is the focus on “flexibility” within in the workplace. Here are a few trends C-Level executives need to be aware as technology becomes more of a differentiating factor moving forward.

Shift in Workplace

With the evolution of the workforce, millennials and current workers prefer to work remotely. Whether this is due to constant workflow, better work life balance, or better internet connections, technology leaders need to be sure that their systems can support this telecommunication workstyle. The Enterprise Project and Mobility study suggests focusing on company tools that can work outside of the traditional office environment, such as creating company apps that link all workers together.

Manage Constant Change

Continuous testing of the internal technology systems or making changes to current security features will lessen the gaps which lead to hackers gaining access to company information. Technology is changing beyond the control of IT departments therefore companies must evaluate current, or develop more efficient business processes and procedures.Cloud-based InfrastructureAccording to the study, “software innovation has a lower barrier to testing, adjusting, and iteration than hardware. As networking gear ages, vectors for attacks increase, while data center management teams have to cover the too much ground”. Corporations should look for alternatives like new networking approaches, such as software defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV). As data centers become automated, companies can reduce the quantity needed: In turn companies will not have to worry about natural disasters effecting the placement of their data.

Technological Development

Companies should start building technology debt into their current budgets. This way in the long run, they won’t have to claim debt when trends shift. Switching to shorter term contracts with vendors can create more flexibility with services, in the event a switch in providers is needed.

Big Data

The biggest trends to keep an eye out for are de-duping of documentation. This means optimizing data storage by eliminating duplicate copies as well as upgrading technology to include real-time data.As the workplace of the future continues to develop, it’s extremely important for companies to be on the forefront of the ever changing technology trends. These highlighted trends, along with a few others will become increasingly popular and imperative for a company’s success.

About SiteReady

SiteReady is a national leading provider of outsourced technology design, project management, engineering, and implementation services, empowering clients to efficiently manage their technology and focus on their core business.We provide technology services that allow companies to augment the capabilities of their internal Real Estate and IT project teams in an effort to increase operational efficiency, maximize cost savings and reduce IT risk and exposure. Utilizing our “end-to-end” project delivery model, we incorporate all aspects of a project as we help our clients strategically consider the way technology should be used throughout their workplace.Design. Install. Connect. SiteReady.

For more information, please contact us at info@sitereadyllc.com.


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