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December 12, 2016

Are Your Technology Vendors Falling into Complacency?

In my 30 years of selling and supporting network services clients, I have seen countless cases in which clients have a painful experience with one of their technology suppliers.

Oftentimes, vendors become too comfortable. If left unchecked, comfort can quickly become complacency, which can hinder your plans. Studies show that 45% of technology professionals feel they must invest time in getting a supplier back on track. Usually this stems from some combination of:

Are You Contributing to the Complacency?

I sometimes find that clients themselves are facilitating the very complacency they are frustrated with. For example, if a client provides a request for quotes on an office technology project, the Request for Proposal ("RFP") might lack clear tender documentation and detail on design, specifications, and scope.

When this situation occurs, the time spent by estimators writing assumptions and doing guesswork adds to the costs of quotations. Vendors find themselves having to "pad" their estimates for the unknown. Remember, the clearer your RFP, the shorter the construction process, and the lower your costs.

SiteREADY Challenges Complacency

As a full-service firm focused specifically on technology integration, SiteREADY provides unparalleled office technology consulting, technology infrastructure design, and project management services for workspace technology projects. We will ensure your project is completed on time, within budget, to all of your standards and requirements.

SiteREADY delivers improved service levels, with a focus on innovation and efficiency. If you have a workplace build-out coming up, contact us and learn how we can eliminate vendor complacency from your next project.

Written by: Phil Rosatone, Business Development Executive


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