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November 16, 2015

Video Conferencing Benefits for Business

Remote employees have become increasingly popular in the past few years- those who work from home on a daily basis, once or twice a week, or who travel often for work. With this new trend comes the need for employees to be able to communicate and interact with coworkers just as though they are in the office. Video conferencing has been quickly introduced and the technology has grown with the rise of remote workers. Organizations have said that incorporating the option of video conferencing has addressed several pain points and increased happiness and productivity of employees.

Studies show that in North America over 85% of employees use video conferencing on a daily or weekly basis to enhance workplace collaboration. From business meetings, interviews, and educational training, to legal environments and medical facilities, video conferencing is playing a vital role in how people communicate across the globe, from their own workplace.

Corporate WorldBy encouraging remote workers to create a work-life balance, having a home office is an extremely attractive quality and can be extremely effective. Video conferencing is easily implemented into offices, therefore remote workers can join conference calls and seminars from their offsite workplace, saving travel costs and increasing participation.

Workers who are remote are said to be 13.5% more productive. With the increase in technology and cloud-based solutions, it’s easier than ever to collaborate with peers from any location.

Medical VirtualizationYears ago, doctors would make house calls to sick patients that were unable to make it to a doctor or hospital for care. With the introduction of video conferencing, medical advice and care can be given from an expert around the globe straight to a patient’s home. This allows not only quicker visits, but also allows patients to speak with specialists that aren’t in close proximity of their home.As video conferencing technology continues to improve, it will become more prevalent across other industries. These advancements will continue to improve the quality of life well into the future.


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