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May 16, 2016

Virtual Reality Technology is Closer (and Cooler) Than You Think

I want to be like Iron Man. For years, many of us within the technology space have long awaited virtual reality (VR) to take shape; live collaboration, virtual screens, 3D video touch, talking to


Jarvis (okay, maybe not Jarvis) I’ve seen the idea of this technology develop through the gaming and film industries and have witness the increase in attention and popularity. So when is it going to make its way to the business world?

Soon! Engineers have been developing cost effective solutions to introduce VR through multi-touch screens and touchscreen tables for workplaces without paying astronomical prices. While these may be more mainstreamed “cool” business solutions, there is one thing I am particularly looking forward to using in my profession – the headset!


At SiteREADY, we are constantly heads-down with planning and designing for the workplace, that it is sometimes hard for our clients to imagine the end result that may not be finished for months, if not years. With the VR headset, we will soon be able to walk through an under-construction space, and “see” the results months in advance of the construction and project plan. We’ll be able to make changes to the design or placement, implement new technology, discuss what would go into those changes and make new recommendations all while others are watching live on a screen in a separate location.

I have also researched and seen many other use cases of VR within the business world. Imagine holding training sessions for new hires or a new product/service; being able to look next to you and see a coworker, or fully interact with the product. We know that it’s easy to video conference an interview candidate, but Human Resource departments could actually interview “face to face” with a candidate in a virtual conference room. Conferences are nice to attend to learn more about a designated topic, but are sometimes expensive and take away productivity. Employees would have the ability of “attending” a conference/seminar from the comfort of their home or office and learn just as much, if not more.

As we move forward, and more into, the virtual world, applications will continue to be developed for business productivity while those which are already out such as Oculus VR, HTC Vive and VR Box, will continue to evolve. The business world is going to drastically change with this technology becoming more cost effective and necessary for corporations. If you do not get ahead of the game (no pun intended) now, it may be harder to catch up. Implementing this technology within business processes and procedures will not allow you to fly like Iron Man but, you may be able to reduce costs and improve quality within your business.




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