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March 18, 2016

Welcome to the SiteREADY Team, Jackie Sumpter!

Jackie Sumpter comes to SiteREADY as a Project Manager where he will be responsible for creating, managing, and executing project scope for current and future SiteREADY clients.

Jackie’s previous positions with Holland & Knight, Hewlett-Packard, Smith/Associates, Capital One, and Montgomery Community Action give him a wealth of knowledge and expertise. His education includes a degree in Pastor Studies from Life Christian University, a Business Administration degree from Alabama State University, a degree in Risk Management from Army Combat Readiness University and Project Management graduate from Capital One.

“The SiteREADY team is expanding to meet the growing needs of our clients,” said Jennifer Tetreault, Vice President - Project Management. “We continue to have success with clients in providing skilled resources that follow our Project Management methodology and bring to the table a wealth of industry experience.”Jackie enjoys public speaking, motivational speaking, golf and teaching!

We are happy to welcome Jackie to our team!


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