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June 15, 2017

Workplace at the Speed of Technology: 7 Simple Takeaways from Dylan McCrory’s CRE.tech Live Presentation

SiteREADY’s Dylan McCrory recently presented at CRE.tech’s Intelligent and Productive Workplaces live event in Chicago, where he offered insight on how CRE and IT can collaborate to keep up with the speed of technology in the workplace. For those of you who weren’t able to attend, here are seven succinct points from the presentation:

  1. Work should be a place where people want to be, not a place they have to be.
  2. Connectivity has become as essential as electricity and plumbing.
  3. We can deduce from confirmed statistics that nearly 75 percent of companies are “shooting in the dark” when it comes to the 25 percent of their build-out budget involving technology.
  4. According to JLL, 30 percent of corporate real estate will be “flexible” by 2030.
  5. Technology is evolving faster than many corporations can adjust, which is why CRE and IT must partner more productively.
  6. While they have many differences, the one common theme between CRE and IT is that they have unrealistic expectations of each other.
  7. Centralization, communication and integration can bridge the gap between CRE and IT.

Do any of these statements strike a chord with you? Contact us and we’ll gladly discuss workplace technology as it relates to your company.


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Bridge the Gap Between CRE & IT

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